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Don Heatley OAM – Chair, ACIAR Commission

Master of Ceremony

Mr Don Heatley OAM is a North Queensland cattle farmer who produces beef for highly specialised export markets including Korea, Japan and the United States, giving him a strong understanding of the livestock export industry and international agribusiness value chains. Mr Heatley is the Chair of the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Commission, and has held previous roles on state livestock councils, the Cattle Council of Australia and as Chair of Meat and Livestock Australia. Mr Heatley has taken a strong personal interest in provision of research and development support to domestic beef industries throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Dr Chris Chilcott – Research Leader for the Northern Territory, CSIRO – Land and Water

Dr Chilcott has served as the CSIRO Land and Water Research Leader for the Northern Territory since late 2015. Dr Chilcott has over 20 years of years in the agricultural sector and his research career has included ecology and animal industries, pastoral production and rangeland management. Prior to joining the CSIRO he served as the Director of Animal Industries at the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Chris is the lead researcher and will be discussing the findings and implications of the LEP funded project: ‘Capacity constraints and inefficiencies in the livestock export supply process’.

Steve Coleman – CEO, RSPCA New South Wales

Mr Coleman is the Chief Executive Officer of RSPCA NSW. He joined RSPCA NSW as an Inspector in 1991, and contributes to animal welfare in many ways. This includes sitting on numerous government and industry committees and advisory councils, such as the Animal Welfare Advisory Council that reports directly to the Minister for Primary Industries. Mr Coleman will be discussing ‘The Greyhound racing ban and subsequent reversal’.

Kimbal Curtis – Director, Livestock Dynamics

Former Department of Agriculture and Food researcher, Kimbal Curtis will be considering industry sustainability as he discusses: ‘From 40 million to 14 million – where to for the WA sheep industry? What price would it take to turn the ‘production’ tide?’.