LIVEX is a joint venture between the Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) and the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC) and is the key annual livestock export industry event. The purpose of LIVEX is to promote and support this important and valuable industry and its stakeholders.

The event format alternates annually between LIVEXchange – the two-day conference, and LIVEXforum – the shorter 1 ½ day forum format. The inaugural LIVEXchange Conference was held in 2013 in Townsville and subsequent events have included LIVEXforum 2014 in Melbourne,  LIVEXchange 2015 in Darwin,  LIVEXforum 2016 in Canberra, LIVEXchange 2017 in Perth, LIVEXchange 2018 in Adelaide and LIVEXchange 2019 in Townsville.

This year, LIVEXchange was held from 30-31 October 2019 at the Ville Resort in Townsville, Queensland and aligned with key industry meetings and the annual Gala Dinner and Charity Auction.